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Believing in the Power of Mangosteen

| SocialMedia | 27/05/2015

Believing in the Power of Mangosteen

To see is to believe. Our ancestors believe in the power of what they see. Different fruits and barks for instance, had been used in folk medicine in Asian countries for many years with the belief that they are essential in treating various diseases. Traditional Asian healers who are aware of the high nutritional and medicinal values of various fruits and herbs used these to stop infection, treat inflammation, and increase one’s energy among others.
In the world of science, however, “to see is to believe” revolves around scientific bases and evidences.develop_gacinia_pic2

Who would have thought that there’s a single fruit that is the answer to most of our health-related questions? A fruit that could do wonders for cancer patients. A tiny tropical fruit that is unique for its deep reddish-purple rind; sweet, tangy and snow white arils whose taste comes as a cross between strawberries and oranges – “the queen of fruits” - mangosteen.

Mangosteen and its healing properties caught the attention of APCO’s scientists. And in 1977, a group of Thai researchers started a multi-disciplinary study of the properties of mangosteen and discovered that it contains more than 40 natural derivatives of the Xanthones group. One most important substance discovered from mangosteen was GM-1. Their research revealed that for it to give the highest benefits, the concentration of the mangosteen’s most effective property (GM-1) must be consumed in appropriate amounts.

GM-1 gives nourishment, and balances the immune system by boosting the production of an appropriate amount of interleukin-2 (a bio-molecule produced by white blood cells to increase immunity). GM-1 was also found to have the ability to stem the production of interleukin-1 (a bio-molecule that causes autoimmune diseases) without reducing it to harmful levels. Overall, the presence of GM-1 as an active ingredient in dietary supplements help the human body protect itself from foreign bodies such as dangerous chemicals, fungal, viral and bacterial infections, as well as from cancerous cells. It is also able to reduce the unusual symptoms caused by auto-immune-related diseases such as skin problems, psoriasis, diabetes, deteriorated kneecap, allergies, asthma, Parkinson’s disease, liver and kidney inflammation. The results of the research carried out by the Operation BIM team have been published in international journals and have been widely publicized in national and international media.

GM-1 in Mangosteen

Xanthones are natural substances found in the Genus garcinia, particularly in mangosteen. There are more than 40 xanthones, but only a few are beneficial to health. The most active of these is GM-1.

Scientific studies by researchers at the Thai Mangosteen Research and Development Center (TMRDC) and the Asian Phytoceuticals Public Company Limited (APCO) have established the following activities of GM1:

  • Growth inhibition and the ability to kill antibiotic-resistant gram-positive bacteria
  • Anti-inflammatory, 3 times as effective as aspirin
  • Analgesic (pain relieving) and anti-allergy
  • Anti-oxidant – preventing heart diseases from LDL cholesterol oxidation
  • Kills breast cancer cells, leukemia cells, liver cancer cells, kidney cancer cells, stomach/intestinal cancer cells, and lung cancer cells (based on laboratory testing)
  • Kill tuberculosis bacterium (based on laboratory testing)
  • Inhibit the propagation of HIV (based on laboratory testing)
  • Increase the phagocytosis, the cellular process of eliminating foreign matters and bacteria
  • Inhibit cartilage deterioration and increase bone mass (based on laboratory testing)APCO’s natural dietary supplements and beauty products have been used over the years with amazing stories and results from thousands of people around Thailand, Singapore, and other places. The company has a range of products that help improve the quality of life of people with allergies, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, cancer, cysts, tumors, HIV, AIDS, diabetes, GERD and related illnesses, psoriasis, and other conditions resulting from viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. More information on these products can be found through our product page.

    Ref : http://apcodm.com/index.php/blog/believing-in-the-power-of-mangosteen/


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