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Health insurance for your long stay visa


Health insurance for your long stay visa

Aetna personal health insurance

From October 2019, the Thai Ministry of Public Health requires foreigners aged 50 and above living in Thailand or who intend to live in Thailand on a long stay visa within 1 year (O-A type) to be in possession of health insurance that provides a minimum coverage of THB 400,000 for in-patient treatment and THB 40,000 for out-patient treatment.

In line with this requirement, Aetna Health Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited can offer you a choice of health insurance plans that are complied with these requirements. You will receive an insurance certificate as the key evidence for Visa application after you complete the purchase of your health insurance. Your data will be automatically passed to the immigration authorities to allow them to validate the policy is in force.

Health insurance purchase flow
Step 1
Customer purchases Aetna health insurance.

Step 2
Once the policy is approved, Aetna will send an insurance certificate to member through email.

Step 3
Aetna submits our member info at TGIA’s portal database.

Step 4
Department of Consular Affairs and Immigration Bureau will verify those info at TGIA’s portal database.



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