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Today we learnt about the business plan how we get the income.

There’re 5 sources:

1. Get 50% of membership fee once our potential people apply the membership.

2. Get 1% from the 20 levels membership structure. It’s binary system. 1Q=50Baht

3. Get 10% from directed membership management.
We will get the money only when our member withdraws his/her income.

4. Get percentage from views content which is not fixed,
depends on the company profit of each month. 

5. Being Center, get 2% from the whole Q amount paid to all team members.
To be the Center,
we must have 100 directed memberships.


The membership fee is 1,000 Baht. (30 US$)


PageQQ Join Us PageQQ.Com
Worldwide Content Now it is more popular about #pageqq  ,
just type this word from google search engine  “pageQQ”
Then you will see so many display lists.

And It is still very few for English. What is PageQQ ?
PageQQ is a Social Network, the place and page that you will own your online area.
In this PageQQ area you will use for post your contents and share to the world.
There is no limited. How is different than others ?
Yes, is selling user account for 1000 Thb. for lifetime.(30 US$)
And as a member of, all members will have 4 possibility Channel to earn online income.
1. Invite friends or others to join as active member , you will earn 50% income.
2. Network Benefit 1% , even you did not introduce or invite anyone if Upper members are working for no.1
3. From you posts or your contents that you share to online, when people view them , you will earn as well. (monthly)
4. If your direct members (from your invited) earn , you will earn 10% from them as well.
It is so EASY !
Apply Now , it is welcomed from worldwide. (Check your country list)
And active your membership soonest. #pageqq
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