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Phuket History


Phuket History The first records in Phuket history originate in the beginning of the 11th century. As far as historians have been able to trace, the first inhabitants of what is now known as Phuket were the sea gypsy’s and…

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The Beach – Phi Phi

“The time is right to live our dreams.” Serviced residences and suites in a Bugatti Resort. Buy your unique property The Beach offers a tropical masterpiece, uniquely nestled on the hillside with on-site Avatar restaurant, beachfront restaurant and bar, whiskey…

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Gallery Phuket1992

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Phuket, 867 km from Bangkok, is Thailand’s largest island, and the country’s only island province. It is also a regional government headquarters, and with a population of 1.6 million, Phuket ranks as the sixth largest province in Thailand. Known as the…

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PageQQ By THQ050110


PageQQ By THQ050110- Janphen What is PageQQ ? Pageqq is a make money website in Thailand. After you apply you can write any content and post or share in any social media example facebook, twitter, instagram , google plus ,…

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